Regolamento del programma


Hotels: Albatros Plava Laguna, Molindrio Plava Laguna, Zorna Plava Laguna, Parentium Plava Laguna, Mediteran Plava Laguna, Plavi Plava Laguna, Istra Plava Laguna, Gran Vista Plava Laguna, Materada Plava Laguna, Delfin Plava Laguna; Villa and Village Galijot Plava Laguna; Hotel & Village Park Plava Laguna.

Apartments & Villas: Galijot Plava Laguna, Bellevue Plava Laguna, Park Plava Laguna, Astra Plava Laguna.

Camping: Bijela Uvala, Zelena Laguna, Ulika, Puntica.

Members whose last stay was at hotel, apartments or villas, club points could use only in these types of accommodation units.

The list can be extended or modified by Plava Laguna from time to time.


2.1. Rules for earning Laguna Club points.

If a Member has booked any Facilities through the Laguna Poreč web site (on line booking or off line booking), call center (phone & fax) or just directly at the reception of a Facility, the Member is eligible to gain Club points. In case a Member comes to Laguna Poreč through agencies or by booking through any web site portal from on line travel agencies, Member is not entitled to gain Club points from their stay at a Facility. They can only become Members and gain Club points from the moment of enrollment, but they can only gain club points for their overnight stay if they come next time booking directly at Laguna Poreč web site, call center or at the reception of a Facility.

Members earn Club points as follows:
In camps: collecting prize coins for each stay at our campsites in the amount of 2% of the billed amount
In hotels, apartments & Villas: 1 eligible euro spent = 1 Club point

Eligible stays:

Club points calculation is based on the total amount of eligible expenses paid. The invoice can be paid by the Member or by any other person at the reception of the facility before leaving it. Thus, if the Member issues an order to block the check used to pay stay at the Facility, or if the bank account does not have sufficient funds to cover the check, or if the Member disputes payment made by a bank or credit card, Club points are not granted for the transaction in question and if granted, the Club Points will be debited from the Member. Every Member can only gain points according to its own eligible expenses considered in the program. Member can not collect Club points if the bill is not on his/her name.

Eligible expenses include:

Eligible expenses includes the costs incurred by the Member and his family/partners in the accommodation facility. This includes all costs in the accommodation unit (price of accommodation, price per person, various supplements, various fees), services that occur on the spot at the retail outlets within the hotel, apartments and villas which are managed by Plava Laguna (beverage and food) and VAT. Hotel or apartment overnight stays expenses for the Member under the condition that the room is checked-in under the Member's name. The Club points will be added to the card within 3 days of the transaction being carried out. Hotels, apartments & villas: collecting Club points can not be combined with other membership cards.
Camps: Points earned with Club card can be combined with other membership cards like CCI, INF or any other National Autoclub card, but only one of this membership cards can be used at one time for paying the bills.


Non-eligible expenses are non-board services such as: mini-bar, room service, internet fee, cleaning, telephone, parking fee, residence tax, tips, fees for services and other applicable fees, in-store purchases, spa, products and services, hair dresser or barber, beauty parlor, sports and golf green fees. In case of campings the non eligible expenses are overnights paid to agencies for caravans or mobile homes, etc. In the case of campings, Members paying a flat rate (summer lump sum) are not allowed to earn Club points or redeemed them in their bills.
Points are only earned by eligible expenses that are effectively paid, after the Member redeem the points gained in his or her previous stays. Points for the current stay are starting to collect after the guest becomes a Member of the program.

2.2. Obligations and rules to be respected

a. – A client must enroll on the program at least 2 days before departure, if not Plava Laguna does not ensure accumulation of Club points from current stay. 

b. – A member must present his/her Club card at check-in and check-out time at the reception in order to accumulate Club points and to redeemed Club points already accumulated from previous stays, otherwise Plava Laguna does not ensure accumulation of points from current stay or redemption of points from previous stays.

c. – The Member must not lend his or her Club card to any third-party. Fraud or attempted fraud to obtain Club points is strictly forbidden.

d. –  If the club card is lost or stolen, the Member must inform Plava Laguna via mail to the following address:

2.3. Validity of Club points

Club points are valid for a period of 3 years following the date on which they were recorded. Validity is extended for 3 years each time the Member generates a credit transaction in any of our facilities on his or her account. If the Member does not generate any transactions during the period of 3 years, all previously-acquired Club points on his or her account may be lost without notice and without the possibility of restoring or converting them.


Every member that enrolls on the Program automatically subscribes to receive our Newsletter at thier email address with the latest news, special offers and immediate access to availability of booking in our facilities.

Club points will be converted into discounts to be used on the next time that the Member stays in any of the Facilities. The next time will be counted at least as 7 days after the Member left our Facilities and paid his/her overnight stays, thus earning the corresponding Club points for those overnights. Therefore, if a member comes to the Facilities (booking directly at Plava Laguna web site, call center or at the Facility reception) and earns Club points due to his/her overnights stays, these Club points earned can be only redeemed if the Member comes again to Plava Laguna and stays in any of our Facility for at least 7 days after his first stay.

The Club points earned can be converted into euro in camps: 1 Club point = 1 euro
The Club points earned can be converted into euro in hotels, apartments & villas: 10 Club points = 1 euro

The amount in euro as a resultant of the conversion rate can be discounted from the total bill of next stay of the Member. Therefore, on the next stay the Member must present his/her Club card at the moment of check in to the facility in order to request the usage of the points that he or she has gained from previous stays. Every time the Club points are being used (converted into euros to pay the bill) they will be also eliminated from the current account form the Member. The maximum amount of discount that a Member can achieve by using his/her Club points collected can not be higher than 90% of the total bill that the Members has to pay for his/her stay at the Facilities.


All members of former Laguna Poreč program called "Friends of Plava Laguna" needs to fill in up the application form for the new loyalty program because program called „Friends of Plava Laguna“ stops to exsist on 31st December 2018.

The members of program called "Friends of Plava Laguna" who have a „Premium Club“ card will have the right to receive the same discount in the form of Club points during 2018. The current discount that they have is converted into points that can be used for stay in 2018. Members who have been in camps so far will be able to use their points only in the camp, and those who have stayed in hotels, apartments and villas can only use points in these accommodation units. Members who have a Premium Club card and stay in 2018 will be able to use the same number of points only in the 2019 season under a new loyalty program.
All „Premium Club“ cards and discounts on them stops to be valid on 31st December 2018.
Premium Club card discounts cannot be combined with other membership cards.